17 Unique Ways to Come Up With New Content Ideas

content ideas
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Are you looking for ways to come up with unique content ideas?

Content is the best way for you to increase your business’s searchability on the Internet. With over 30 million businesses in the United States, it’s important to do what you can to improve and stay relevant on the Internet. However, as you create content, you’ll notice that the only thing harder than creating suitable content is coming up with ideas for content creation.

If you don’t come up with enough ideas, your business may become doomed to irrelevance. What’s great is that there are many ways for you to come up with online content.

Read on to learn how you can generate content ideas without burning yourself out. Use these tactics to create content that your customers will love and to increase your SEO score today!

1. Ask Your Audience

Your best source of content ideas should also be the same people creating the content for. They’re the ones who will make the most out of your content, so there shouldn’t be any harm in asking them. There are many ways for you to do this.

The easiest way for you to ask your audience is through social media. It’s also the best place to ask first since 72% of American adults are always on social media platforms. This means that if you ask someone a question here, your post is likely to get engagements.

When doing this, make sure to make your posts eye-catching enough for your readers to notice. Content for social media needs to pop out of the browser’s feed. The content you post to ask should have a color that contrasts the platform’s usual background to be noticeable.

2. Send Out Surveys

Another way for you to ask your audience is by sending out a survey for them to answer. This is a great method if you’re looking to capitalize on email marketing tactics. This way, you can grow your marketing campaign and your SEO score at the same time.

When making a survey for your subscribers to answer, remember to keep it short. Nothing kills a consumer’s mood than a long survey. It’s also important to keep it interesting since the average human attention span has gotten shorter in recent years.

You can do this by adding eye-catching visuals to your surveys. Animated transitions are often enough to keep their attention. There are also some color combinations that can help you keep them focused on the survey.

3. Review Your Blogs

Another great way for you to come up with content ideas is by reviewing your blog. A well-made website should always have a comment section for visitors to use. Not only will this increase the engagements done on your website, but it will also help you come up with good content ideas.

This is because people will leave comments on your website if they have questions to ask about your product, service, or field of expertise. You can use these questions to come up with content to create for the same audience. This way, you can be sure your posts get engagement, too, since it answers the customer’s questions.

4. Check Out The Competition

If you’re still starting up as a business, you may not have the reach or resources to use the methods mentioned above. In this case, the best way to come up with ideas is by checking out your competition. Visit any website relevant to your product or service and take a look at their posts.

Check out the topics they’re covering and use those for inspiration. Of course, you shouldn’t copy the content and paste it on your blog page as your own. Doing this sets out a ding on your website for plagiarism.

Search engines detect this and will then lower your overall SEO score. It’s better to come up with original content, instead, with the topic as an idea of what to write about. You can use this as an opportunity to improve on your competitor’s post and correct any information they got wrong.

5. Use Search Engines For Suggestions

Search engines are the best place for you to get questions to your answers. This means it’s also the best place for you to get topic suggestions for content!

The way to do this is to type your product/service into the search bar. Once you do, the search engine should auto-generate suggestions for you!

These suggestions are all based on the searches that people did in regards to the words preceding it. It means that it’s these suggestions are all topics you can use to answer the questions of people looking into your area of expertise.

6. Look to Local News

Checking out the local news will always be a good source of ideas. Look for a report that’s sure to make a lot of people go crazy in a good way. Positive news will always stick to people, and you can use this to direct some attention to your business.

This also works in a local SEO sense. When a controversial topic appears in the local news, many people are sure to do searches about it. Linking the searches to your business in any way is sure to direct some attention to you.

7. Capitalize on Trends

Capitalizing on the coming trends is also another way for you to generate ideas. Twitter is often the best place for this as their hashtag system will show you what people are talking about. Taking a look can inspire you and help you come up with a topic to talk about.

This is also a great way for you to help with your content marketing campaign. Creating content over a trending topic is sure to help you generate traffic to your page or website. 

8. Look at Upcoming Events

You can also take a look at whatever event is coming up. Things like a concert or a big charity event are sure to give you some ideas on content topics. Like with the trends mentioned above, this will help you generate some short-term traffic, too.

If you’re desperate for ideas, you can always use whatever holiday is coming up. All you need to think about now is how you can link things like Christmas or Halloween to your brand. This should be easy enough since brands and businesses are flexible enough to fit such themes.

9. Make Product Reviews

If a newly released product can help your business and industry, you can make a product review about it! You can do this through a blog post or a video, the choice is yours. The only thing that matters is that what you make engages your audience.

Talk about the product and tell your audience how to use it. If the product is a big benefit, tell them how it can be so. If not, tell them what it lacks and what they can do to compensate for it.

10. Create a Story

Stories are another good idea for you if you’re strapped for ideas. People love a good story because they can relate to it. So, you should make your stories relatable by making them true.

Try taking a story from your past. This ensures that it’s all authentic and that customers can relate to it. Tell them how your experience before made you learn about your skillset now.

It’s a great way to market yourself as an approachable brand. More people will relate to you and get in touch with your human side if you do this.

11. Make a Tutorial

Tutorials are the perfect content to make if you’re not coming up with many ideas. These are easy to do and shouldn’t take up much of your time. What makes a good tutorial is that it be informative for your viewers.

This makes it important to make a tutorial about something your audience struggles with. Doing this allows your tutorial to become useful for the majority of your audience if not all.

12. Update Past Content

If you’ve been creating content for a long time now, then you will find that you have tons of content from before. Explore your archives to look for any topic that you can update. This is a great way for you to keep your brand updated on whatever change happens in the world.

You can also use your past content as a way to help your marketing campaign. You can do this by writing a guest post for another company. This way, you can create backlinks that lead back to your website. 

13. Tackle Issues Your Industry Faces

Can’t think of any content idea to use? Check the big picture and tackle any issue your industry faces! There are always issues within an industry that will affect buyers and sellers alike.

Creating a post about these issues and tackling them helps you create content for your brand. Doing this also makes you look like a pioneer in the industry. People are always looking for a leading voice, and solving an issue may be the key to becoming one in your industry.

14. Challenge Your Audience

Audiences respond well whenever a company challenges them to do something. This can be a way for you to keep your audience active in your community while you think of other topics to use for content.

When challenging your audience, what’s important is that you catch their attention. Using whatever visual aid you can helps you in doing this. It’s also important that you reach as much of your audience as you can.

This means that you should make use of social media platforms again. It’s a surefire way for you to help your challenge go viral. Make sure that the challenge is relevant to your industry or to a trend to keep it interesting.

15. Let Your Customers Create Content For You

What better way for you to generate content than by having your audience create your content for you? This is a type of content called user-generated content, and a famous example is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign.

This way, your customers will generate content for you on different platforms. They will also be the ones who will do most of your marketing for you. It’s an efficient way to get customers to buy your products and help you out some more.

To be successful with this campaign, you need to market on Instagram and Tik Tok. These platforms are great at making things go viral due to their format.  

16. Use Topic Generator Platforms

You can use online resources to help you come up with ideas for content creation. Among these online resources are topic generators. These are great if you’re not able to come up with anything yourself.

All you need to do is input some keywords into a bar that the generator provides. It will then run some processes and come up with potential topics for you to use!

17. Check On Some Analytics

If all else fails, you can always check out Google Analytics and related services. These are the main resource of most writers and companies when thinking of ideas to create. This is because these platforms dictate what people are likely to search on search engines.

You can look up things like keywords and bid on them to use them. These keywords should give you a good sense of what idea you should base your content around. What’s great is that these will have high searchability, leading to more traffic on your post and website.

Use These Methods to Come Up With Content Ideas Today

Keep your company ahead by generating ideas for content on the regular. If you can’t come up with anything by yourself, use the content ideas above and keep grinding out the content. Ensure you have a successful content marketing campaign today!

Are you looking to generate content to increase your SEO score?

Raising your SEO score ensures that more people will find you on search engines like Google or Bing. However, managing it on your own means you won’t find time for your other responsibilities, and hiring an individual doesn’t guarantee success. Contact us, instead, and we’ll get it done and get in touch with you as soon as we can!