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A Tech Savvy Guide to Facebook Marketing Techniques

Want to improve your Facebook marketing techniques this year? Hoping to gain an edge over your competitors and connect with potential and current customers? Facebook now has approximately 2 billion monthly users. That makes it one of the best places

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How To Maintain Ethical SEO and Avoid Penalties

The savviest marketers know that in today’s world, it’s all about SEO. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars annually in an effort to rank at the top spot for competitive keywords. There’s a good reason for this. Being on

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How to Become One of Google’s Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are Google results you have certainly interacted with when searching for questions in the engine. These featured snippets (often referred to as “direct answers” or “rich snippets”) answers a query within the search results without the need for

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Combine PPC and SEO for Your Best Campaigns Yet

There was a time when promoting your business was as easy as placing an advertisement in a newspaper. Not anymore! Online marketing offers a plethora of options – and one of the best is combining PPC and SEO. Any online

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