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Category: SEO

YouTube SEO
Picture This: Video Content and YouTube SEO

YouTube users upload a video every second. Over 4 billion videos get watched every day. In order to make the most out of your video marketing efforts, you need to understand how to get found with YouTube SEO. Not unlike

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search engine advertising
The Ultimate SEO Encyclopedia: 51 Terms You Must Know

Digital marketing is exploding, with most businesses spending at least half of their marketing budget on digital. If you’re new to search engine advertising, you probably already know that it’s a fast-moving field. Changes happen daily, but your best approach

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google answers
How to Take the Top Spot in Google Answers

Isn’t it great when you need the answer to a burning question, type it into Google and it appears, fully-formed, just dying to be answered? This is the power of Google Answers – a saviour to anyone wanting to know

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google fred
How Much Do We Really Know About Google Fred?

Google algorithm updates have and likely always will keep webmasters at the edge of their seats. They seem to rear their head at unforeseen times and can wreak havoc on even the biggest sites. So no one’s truly safe. And

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seo vs smo
SEO Vs SMO: Understanding The Difference

Every time we turn around there’s a new acronym we need to know: SEO, CRO, SEM, SMM, BEO and then SMO. What about SEO vs SMO? It often leaves us wondering, is this just a new catchy name for something

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affordable seo
10 Affordable SEO Tips To Increase Your Ranking

Anyone who has a business website knows the importance of search engine optimization. Or at least they should. Woe to those who have chosen to ignore having a solid SEO strategy. There’s really no excuse not to have a properly

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