Five Seattle Organic SEO Tips To Market Your Company With

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Five Seattle Organic SEO Tips to Market Your Company With

Do you own a company in Seattle and are looking for some solid organic SEO tips? If so you’re certainly not alone. Now more companies than ever are turning to the Internet to gather the clients they need to stay in business.

Being always on the lookout for great information I can share with you I found something Sparrow Writing posted on their website you should check out as their advice is spot on. In the post they share five organic SEO tips you can use to improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Sparrow’s Top 5 Organic SEO Tips

Five 100% Organic Tips To Improve Your Site’s Rank In The Search Engines

Search engine optimization has such a techie ring to it that it often scares away intelligent, creative, hardworking small business owners faster than you can say “SEO”.

For many, learning “how to SEO” can feel like too much trouble. They even avoid learning about the basics. In truth, no one but the highest echelon at Google completely understands how the ever-changing search engine algorithms work.

Luckily, you don’t have to understand it. How SEO works doesn’t matter. Instead, focus your efforts on what you can do to improve the chances your page doesn’t get lost among the millions of other pages out there in the blogosphere. Sparrow’s Top 5 Tips for maximizing the reach of each and every bit o’ content you publish will show you how.

(I promise it’s not tough to learn or overly techie in nature).

1. Focus on creating fresh, unique, original content. Google is asking you to only publish your best stuff for a reason — It really is the most important aspect of publishing anything, anywhere. Want to hear it from the horse’s mouth? Check out Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

2. Pay appropriate attention to keywords, but don’t go crazy. I have done a lot of SEO copywriting for a large SEO firm for the past year. More and more requests are coming in to forget the keyword-frenzy mentality and just produce superb content. Do keywords still matter? Yes, they do, especially in your meta tags. Read on, friend.

3. Spend time honing your title tag. At first those meta tags can feel tedious, but write a few hundred and they get a lot easier, and kinda fun. Your title tag may, in fact, be the most important piece of the organic SEO puzzle so give them their due attention. How? Master those 62 characters by adding your best keyword, your company name and whatever your page is about — voilà! Easy, right? To finish reading Sparrow’s Top 5 Organic SEO Tips click here.

This video shares some solid SEO tips too. Kudos to seobook for posting it!