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We use advanced tactics to help our clients thrive from our online marketing for local based businesses.

We sharpened our teeth in the most competitive national and global fields where paid keywords can range from $30-85 each click! These costs are based on a bidding system so you know there’s some serious money to be made from those keywords… and even more intense competition vying for the top spots in SEO.

When it comes to local SEO marketing, it’s even easier for us to win. We bring the advanced tactics we’ve used since 2008 to help over 500 clients rake in over $122 Million from our online marketing to local businesses. In other words, we win regardless of how competitive the landscape is.

Local SEO has some other advantages we can use to generate even more customers for you. Let’s take a look at the search real estate.

There are THREE places you can be visible for ONE search.

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Mobile Rankings

(Not pictured) This is a different algorithm than the standard Web Rankings. The factors are catered to sites optimized for mobile viewing which means responsive, proper clickable elements (like click to call button), and FAST loading. Google released some research in which they  concluded: 

53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

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Web Rankings

These are the standard organic rankings where your main website can appear. This is also where additional web properties like YouTube videos, social profiles, , etc. can rank as well for more brand boosting benefits and capitalizing on more clicks.

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Local Rankings

aka Google Maps is where you can be found when Google recognizes the customer is close to your business address or from a maps search directly. As you can see, the Maps results takes up a BIG part of the first page – you want to be top here as well.

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Google Ads

Yep, paid ads can work well for local businesses too. There are various techniques we can use to maximize customer calls at the best costs with PPC. For example, take a look at the results we recently did for a local Auto Shop in just the first 90 days of taking over from another agency: Generated 2X more calls at HALF the cost per call.

In other words, we 4X’d the results in only 90 days when the other agency had 1 year to dial in their campaigns.

Time and time again, we deliver RESULTS you can take to the bank. You have nothing to lose but the opportunity itself.

Sounds like something your business could use?

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