Seattle SEO Services: Creative Agency Vs. Writing Service

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If you are looking for Seattle SEO services to market your brand, you have a couple of different options. Your first option is to spend a lot of money for a creative agency to design a complete ad campaign. Although creative agencies can charge upwards of $750 dollars an hour, they will provide you with brilliant ad copy as well as design services.

Although it may be tempting to spend the big bucks, most small businesses cannot afford to hire a creative agency. For a lot less money, you can choose to hire a simple writing service instead. Providing you with ad copy and SEO content, a writing service will save you money and provide faster turnaround times. SEO Agencies are also focused on writing content and additional activities that will actually create more traffic from search engines that produce more leads and sales. Let’s face it, blog posts and content mean nothing if no one actually sees them – or takes action that increases your business!

We’re experts in turning marketing dollars into leads and sales at a positive ROI. Get in touch today for a quick discovery call so we can see if we’re a good fit and HOW we could improve your business in a predictable, scalable and fruitful way.