Seattle SEO Services Now Focusing On Entire SERP Domination

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If you thought SEO services in Seattle was a competitive market before just wait until you see what’s brewing out here these days.

By far one of my favorite writers on is Will Scott. His post today entitled “The Holy Grail Of Internet Marketing: Owning The Whole SERP” has my head spinning in a number of different ways thinking about how I can better help my own clients dominate the Entire SERP. It’s not just about getting your site ranked high on to page one of Google anymore. Now it’s about much more than that.

I’ll let Will explain it to you.

The Holy Grail Of Internet Marketing: Owning The Whole SERP

In many ways, taking charge of your search engine results page is like answering the age-old philosophical question, “Who am I” — but for your business.

You may still be in the dark about what motivates some of your personal actions, but if you’re a business owner, I’m pretty certain you know exactly what your business is all about. That’s the first step.

Now you need to translate that into Google results. Sound easy? Didn’t think so. It’s a bit like trying to reel in Nessy with a Pocket Fisherman.

But all hope is not lost. You can – and should — take ownership of your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and there are more ways than ever to do just that.

Integrated search has been a thorny issue for marketers since it came out, and the issue is only getting pricklier.

Local maps, the Knowledge Graph, one-boxes scraped from Wikipedia, and the various tools Google provides based on user searches have combined with ever-increasing screen real estate for paid advertising. The results are often chaotic, and have left some siding with Microsoft’s FairSearch rallying cry of “anti-competitive.”

Certainly, online marketing on Google is getting more complex and difficult, but even a part-time marketer such as an SMB owner can use paid, organic, and social techniques to reach the zenith of comprehensive search engine marketing: showing in each of the parts of Google’s SERPs.
Branded SERP Ownership

For the part-time marketer who is not focused on a number-one rank for every relevant keyword, the biggest goal is to allow a brand-aware user to find the business’s official site by name.

Verifying word-of-mouth with anonymous reviews, strengthening the deeper pages on the site, and surfacing real news about the business are all important to ensuring that a new brand-aware customer comes in the door. To finish reading The Holy Grail Of Internet Marketing: Owning The Whole SERP click here.

Here’s an interview with Will Scott in which he discusses his PubCon 2012 session called “Google Places & Maps Optimization.”