The Best Part About Being A Seattle Online Marketing Consultant

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One of the cool things I like about being a Seattle online marketing consultant is all the great information on SEO I get forwarded to me from other SEO company owners. With so much information on SEO being posted daily it’s kind of hard to keep up on all the changes taking place with the algorithm. So the headsups I receive from my colleagues is much appreciated.

Today a friend forwarded me a link to something Ruth Burr just posted on Having a few minutes to burn I clicked over and found I really enjoyed the read. So much so I’m sharing it here with you because the information is that good in it.

The Relationship Between SEO and Inbound Marketing

I attended Distilled LinkLove this year, and toward the end of the day, Will Critchlow announced that it would actually be the last LinkLove – not because links are dead, but because the things we do should be worth more than a link. Increasingly, he added, LinkLove is more like “Content and Social Love’ because that’s what we’re doing.

SEO is now part of the growing online marketing ecosystem of “inbound marketing.” Inbound marketing tactics include:

Content marketing through blogging, video, news articles, and copywriting
Search engine marketing through organic channels including local, mobile and vertical search
Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and in forums
Community engagement, outreach and customer service
Building links and non-social external traffic referrals
Brand marketing to capitalize on direct traffic and branded search, including news and PR
Email marketing
Conversion rate optimization
User experience through design and interface improvements and page speed
Customer retention and lifecycle management
A boat load of other activities

However, there are very few companies who have one person per bullet point. After all, you can’t build links without content to point them to. You can’t engage with a community without building it through social media marketing. Things like site speed, information architecture and page design are just as important to designers and UX specialists as they are to SEOs. Even brand marketing is no longer the sole purview of “traditional” marketers, now that search engines are so invested in entities and brand authority as quality signals. To finish reading The Relationship Between SEO and Inbound Marketing click here.

After reading Ruth Burr’s post a second and third time I love it even more. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think of it. While you’re at it check out this informative video posted by GoogleWebmasterHelp on YouTube. Enjoy the watch. See ya next post.