Your Mobile Website Design Can Impact Your SEO

Could your mobile website design impact your sites SEO? More and more web designers are creating their sites with mobile in mind, implementing a responsive design that automatically adjusts the size of your page to the type of display that your viewer is reading it on. So, your site will look just as fantastic on a smartphone as it does on the web.

Copyblogger has taken a look at how mobile responsive design impacts SEO on websites, specifically focusing its attention on WordPress sites. Curious what they found?

Allow your jaw to become unhinged at this statistic:

There are over 1 million more mobile devices activated every day across the world than there are babies born.

Yeah, mind = blown.

Indeed, designing with a mobile-first mindset becomes more important — quite literally — by the day. As does answering burning questions related to mobile design best practices.

For example: Is mobile responsive web design good for SEO or not?

This has become a hotly debated topic, even right here in the Copyblogger comment sections, with reasonable minds making reasonable arguments on both sides.

Depending on where you look and what you read, you might come away thinking that Responsive Web Design is in perfectly fine shape regarding SEO … or that it creates a mess that’s going to destroy your search results.

Is it possible that the real answer is more complex than either of these? Click this link to finish reading Could Mobile Responsive Website Design Hurt Your SEO?.

So does responsive design impact SEO? It just might.